I was able to be part of a BackOffice team for a brief while and this is my take:


·    Every morning we used to record our meetings at 9:00 to 9:15 via Microsoft Teams.

·        Every morning I made a transcript on the major topics.

·    Every morning I used to keep track of the meeting (from the teams shared  Outlook calendar) to a OneNote “Morning Meeting”.

·        Every day we there were task tracking via Microsoft Excel.

·        Every afternoon, day’s end, there were a next morning tasks prediction.


As always, there were some differences between the user and server support, with different type of tasks with different demands, as a BackOffice Analyst I’m always open to talk to users, because they have their jobs to perform and I’m glad to help on keeping a good IT related work environment.


The easy of use and integration between a Windows Environment and Microsoft Teams sometimes results on repeated information on various tools. I would suggest SharePoint, not specifically on process management, but at least creating lists throughout the company. And at a latter moment, generating reports via Microsoft Power BI.


In a high demand environment there must be an efficient way to manage information to support a high efficient team. In this case, information tracking was via several Microsoft Tools.


The BackOffice lady was one of the most competent person I’ve ever worked with.



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