How to manage 2400 devices from ordering, deployment, supporting and returning to the main warehouse.

In the beginning of the site deployment, none of the rooms were ready yet, regarding electricity, network connectivity or furniture.

The team structure was set as per organization definitions, lots of deputies, no specific management guidelines. I chose to follow the perpetual management system to manage the 2400 devices, assigning the storage management to two deputies. As the devices start to arrive, so did the supporting team; for each batch of supporting team there were lots of getting acquainted site seeing.

As the local warehouse was not large enough, we needed to order the devices according to the room’s availability, there were no practical available space to order all the needed devices at once, in contrast, the recovery stage was also managed carefully, recovering the devices already available to return and requesting returning trucks as soon as there were enough devices to fill in a full truck.

We hade lots of people, so keep track of empty boxes and organizing them in proper order was a time-consuming task but easily achieved.

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