Best Moments

China, energy provider to Germany?

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(…) Because of the financial crisis (2008), today there is distrust in government, there is distrust in big institutions, there is distrust on the big elites, it has lead to the populism that we see in politics today (…)

SpaceX and its reusable rockets
What an amazing feat!

The class war is over

For the first time, in 2018 capital has been taxed less than labor. Billionaires paid less taxes than steel workers, teachers, and retirees. This erases a century of fiscal history.


The immigration act of 1990 was mainly created to bring cheaper qualified labor force to the US, making life easier to employers, cutting the bargaining power of American Scientists. 

Delegation of Power

Obama asks Hillary to be his secretary of state:

“I will focus on the economy and I need you to go travel around and restore our relationships”

The Architecture of Oppression​

Edward Snowden on the Covid-19 response.

“What is being built is the architecture of oppression”